KnowledgeView’s NewsPad

NewsPad allows consumers to network round news and reports of interest to them, benefiting from innovative news displays on Web, tablets and mobile. With NewsPad the consumer can follow news and reports and their authors, can contribute to news and comment on it, join forums with like-minded people and create own view of news and reports.

NewsPad enables associations, newsletter publishers and newspaper groups to create regional or thematic communities around news, deriving maximum revenues from subscriptions and advertising. NewsPad is built from the grounds up for mass customisation of news using state of the art technology for classifications and
tagging, thus offering far superior user’s experience than other Web sites with the odd sharing options.

For Publishers NewsPad works with their existing CMS, creating highly scalable Content Hub on the cloud for all generated content whether publisher’s content or consumer-generated content. The content Hub is fronted by innovative users’ communities’ interfaces on the Web, tablets and mobile with powerful tools for
displaying custom rich-media news & reports, and sharing them.

One implementation of NewsPad can be seen on from the European Geopolitical Information Service. 




NewsPad Architecture

NewsPad comes in three parts:

• Content Hub in which all the digital content can be gathered, edited, connected together, managed, searched, enhanced, tagged, classified and published to different channels, also where user generated content
like tips are submitted. The content store benefits from a comprehensive editorial system and set of workflows, which can be made as simple and as complex as the client requires. It also has excellent support for
multiplatform publishing

• Community Engine - models community members, their participation in the website and relations: the participants accounts, roles, preferences and their activities like following topics and authors, voting, adding items to a personal collection, sharing and submitting content, setting the grounds for a self-growing news community.

• Front end - rich in free content, advertising and features to build and strengthen communities of interest around that content.