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KnowledgeView Marks Its 20th Anniversary

KnowledgeView was born 20 years ago, on 21 September 1995. I would like to warmly thank our KnowledgeView colleagues, our shareholders, our partners, and above all publishers who are users of our

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KnowledgeView @ The Global Editors Network - Summit 17-19 June 2015, Barcelona, Spain

KnowledgeView team has joined international media leaders at the Global Editors Network held in Barcelona, Spain. The GEN attendees included Mashable, the Media Briefing, the Guardians, Washington

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KnowledgeView: News Publishing Made Easy

KnowledgeView’s clients of Publish live wanted increased scalability, better search in their RAPID Browser driven Content Hub and even easier on-line and mobile publishing. We have listened to our

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About Us

KnowledgeView Ltd is a UK-based company with headquarters in London and MENA regional office in Beirut. KnowledgeView has a unique combination of industry leaders on its Board and powerful publishing technology used by leading media players globally.

KnowledgeView continues the publishing revolution in the Arab World started by Diwan in 1984, acting as a technology bridge between the Europe and the Arab World.


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Vision & Mission

KnowledgeView aims to continuously provide leading edge technology and consultation services to publishers with emphasis on innovative systems for users’ engagement.

Who said publishing to different devices
is not as easy as
1,2,3 !

KnowledgeView's Executive Team

Complementing advanced technology with first-rate industry expertise


Our Clients

Over 60 Media companies and 5000 Journalists using Publish live systems


Have a quick overview on our completed projects in Web, Mobile and Social Media

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Case Studies

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AAA NewsPad for iPhone

As part of its modernization program Asharq Al-Awast decided to upgrade its apps to KnowledgeView's NewsPad technology with unique news social features and LiveBridge for print-mobile interactivity.

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Maydan Qatar NewsPad for iPhone

"Maydan Qatar will transform the way residents receive news.This creates a very exciting opportunity for an exchange of ideas on a national level." AHMED AL BUAINAIN, General Director of QNA

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Al Khaleej Online

Al Khaleej online provides complete news coverage from UAE with unique features for news communities

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