Maydan-Qatar Offers Attractive Machine-Translation Feature

January 26, 2015


Maydan Qatar, Arab world's first news-social network published by Qatar News Agency (QNA), has released machine translation Arabic-English and English-Arabic module as part of it latest upgrade. The new module seamlessly integrates with Google's translate engine, making it efficient for readers to translate articles of choice quickly without leaving the article window.

Even though natural-language machine translations between two different scripts of grammar and rules are not perfect yet, linguistic typology is a rapidly improving science and Maydan Qatar, developed for QNA by KnowledgeView, is exploiting this wave of evolution.

The tool supports the platform's vision in encompassing the latest technologies in news social and perfecting the user's experience. The machine-translation functionality is cost effective, saves time and labor for users and publishers as well.

"Maydan Qatar continues to provide the best of breed technologies. This feature will ensure our readers not to miss any article whether in English or Arabic, therefore satisfying both our national and international audience." Director of the Technical Affairs at QNA, Eng. Khalid Al-Motawaa.

"This is another notable step for KnowledgeView's efforts in optimizing the experiences for both publishers and end users through our technologies. The auto-translation functionality is not perfect yet but a good helper tool considering the complex nature of Arabic- English machine language translation. "Dr. Ali Al-Assam, CEO KnowledgeView

Maydan Qatar looks forward to users' feedback and invites them to communicate their experiences by commenting on Maydan Qatar or sharing on other social networks.

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