Leading publishing industry figure Reiner Mittelbach passed away peacefully on 31 May 2017

June 02, 2017


Leading publishing Industry figure Reiner Mittelbach passed away peacefully on 31 May 2017 surrounded by his wife Evelyn and his three daughters Victoria, Alicia and Isabella. With his death the publishing industry has lost a great talent and an innovation leader, his family and friends a great human being full of energy, fun and optimism. We mourn our loss and we celebrate his achievements and the good time we spent with him.

Reiner Mittelbach is probably best known for his tenure as CEO of IFRA from 2001-2008 and CEO of WAN-IFRA from 2008-2009. For the hundreds of leading publishing companies in Europe and globally Reiner Mittelbach was instrumental as the head of IFRA in guiding them through the turbulent years of transformation to digital publishing, new methods of work and new business models. For those of us who were members of IFRA we saw in Reiner an industry leader of the first calibre, a strategist who pioneered key initiatives in research on new digital trends and technologies, and a colleague that you can love and respect.

After he left WAN-IFRA in 2009 Reiner became the CEO of GIS from 2011-2015, then joined the KnowledgeView group in 2016 holding leading board positions in KnowledgeView, NewsSocial and Rewardisement where he used his considerable talents to advance the business plans for all three companies. Those who worked with him in the group, Ali Al-Assam, Richard Withey, Roberto Minio, Steve Liles, Manal Moukaddem and many others owe him a great debt for all that he has done to advance their work and will remember him fondly for the years to come.

Apart from his professional engagement he had a fulfilled private life with his family. Especially in the last few years he enjoyed his time in the mountains of Liechtenstein, Switzerland and Austria going hiking, skiing and taking lots of fantastic pictures to capture all the great moments forever.
On top of that he discovered golf as his new most favourite sport for himself and his family. Doing so he spent many happy hours on the golf course with his wife, daughters and friends.

For more information please contact Evelyn Mittelbach on evelyn.mittelbach@rewardisement.com