KnowledgeView Marks Its 20th Anniversary

September 28, 2015


KnowledgeView was born 20 years ago, on 21 September 1995. I would like to warmly thank our KnowledgeView colleagues, our shareholders, our partners, and above all publishers who are users of our systems for helping to create great products that have powered tens of successful Newsrooms, used by thousands of journalists, and with Apps used by millions. Nearly 45% of all premium newspaper content in the MENA region is created with KnowledgeView’s Publish Live software.
KnowledgeView prides itself of being an innovator in publishing technology and we invest considerably for the benefits of our clients. We were one of very few that started Web-based database driven publishing systems as far back as 1996. We were early adopters of XML and semantic Web, and now we have exciting much needed user-centric products such as NewsPad, Rewardisement and NewsSocial.

In the course of the twenty years KnowledgeView has created a whole generation of innovators and strengthened its board with the best brains in the industry. We will continue to use our great assets in people and products to provide real value to our clients and thank them all for using our services.

Ali Al-Assam
Founder and CEO[UNIQID]