Regions leading industry representatives meet at the Publish live Users’ Group Meeting hosted in Dubai Media City by KnowledgeView

March 04, 2015


Latest Innovations in Digital Publishing
Latest Trends in Online Payment Business Model

Leading regional publishers such as Okaz, Ahsarq Awsat, AL Jarida, Al Riyadh, Sayidati, Apex, and i-Media gathered in Dubai to gain domestic and international market exposure on the latest digital publishing technologies and best practices shared by key experts from Lebanon, Gulf, and Vienna.

The first day covered latest technologies and trends in the digital publishing industry including a full coverage on the latest newsroom tools from KnowledgeView such as efficient multi-publishing, advanced NewsPad technology for web mobile and publishing, and NewsSocial to engage users around content.
In addition, KnowledgeView clients will benefit from the latest upgrades to their publishing system, Rapid Browser along with its mobile version.

The event also covered the latest breakthroughs in advertising technology: Rewardisement and LiveBridge from KnowledgeView; an interactive solution that allows publishers to make print ads go live on users mobiles then reward them for their ad engagement.

The topic of monetizing digital presence through digital Subscription Platforms has dominated the conference and was covered by Mr. Peter Richards, Global Director, Sales & Business Development, Piano Media Vienna.

On the second day, the conference looked in more details and case studies on digital advertising latest proven practices and strategies shared by Hani AlGhofaily, Director Dep of E-Media at AlRiyadh newspaper.

The event ended with a lively Q&A session covered both technical and commercial issues.
Publish live Users’ Group Meeting was once again a great networking opportunity and a showcase for the innovation and latest publishing industry solutions.